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“Hit them hard and fast for results that last”

Alex Collins

We are often asked “When is the best time to trap these things?” The time is always now. Aggressive trapping can eliminate the resident adult population and reduce overall lawn damage, headache and maintenance costs over time. Exterminating every potential breeder while extending battle lines to the perimeter of the property transforms an infested mole/gopher property into a manageable area and allows us to pick off moles and gophers at first sign.

Forest Grove, Yamhill, Gaston, Carlton, Hillsboro, Amity, Banks, and Lafayette are Plum Full of Gophers and Moles

Alex Collins

At this time Kevin Scott is mashing these areas regularly carrying a magical trapping touch. With the amount of land in Yamhill and Washington County it can be tough to trap large properties. Fortunately we are able to handle any situation as we have ten thousand traps, extra ATVs and effective exterminators. Even as a larger trapping business we still operate as if we were neighbors. Same trappers with consistent results that are rarely accomplished by our competitors.

Corvallis, West Linn, Tualatin, Sherwood, Wilsonville, Newberg and McMinnville Have Similar Mole and Gopher Situations

Alex Collins

Spring breeding season is just hitting and we see distinct difference in the mole activity in small yards compared to the combination activity of moles and gophers in outskirts of town. Small yards without adjacent fields usually are attracting moles born recently as their population expands in territory following a water source or forest. To reduce a greater destruction of your yard trapping them fast is the best option.

Because cities like those listed above have a diverse set of properties we can usually predict what kind of problem you have as soon as we know what part of town you live in. In a rural setting with pasture land the gophers are thriving and will move into your yard quickly. With a larger perimeter it is easier for us to keep them out of the important areas. As time goes on our customers notice a huge decrease in the appearance of new moles and gophers. Gophers love pastures full of dandelions. They will eat a wide variety of vegetation. To reduce your gopher population a combination of hiring a trapper and weed control can make an unbelievable transformation from having a rough landscape to being able to mow your lawn in peace.

Moles Destroying Lawns and Gardens in Portland

Alex Collins

In early spring and summer moles and gophers are making mounds all over Portland. Soon more juvenile moles will be looking for new territory. Exterminating the breeding stock while the mole problem is minor can save your lawn, garden and flower beds. If you have never had moles in your lawn you may end up with moles in your flower beds and barkdust before the invasion enters your lawn. Hollow raised earth resembling a snake are hunting tunnels used by moles. Some are used continuously while other tunnels can be used simply as a means of exploration (The grass is greener on the other side

Moles use their tunnels to harvest primarily worms and grubs. As a mole grows their tunnel system needs to expand as they can eat up to their own body weight daily. They will regularly excavate ground to accommodate a growing appetite.

As they grow larger their tunnel system also grows while their food intake increases. Once tunnels are established moles will browse through their options checking for a nice place to call home. After removing moles on your property another mole can easily move on in. We offer regular service to confront the mole problem as they appear. To prevent a widespread network of underground tunnels call us ASAP and we can come out to trap these pests quickly.

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