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Most other pest control companies don't offer mole removal and gopher control services like we do. We are the "Mole and Gopher Specialists". We provide routine service and maintenance to ensure your problem is under control. We show up in a professional manner and handle each problem as if it were our own. Serving Willamette Valley and the surrounding areas.

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Gopher Patrol, a locally owned and veteran-owned business, prioritizes eco-conscious pest control methods. Our approach effectively eliminates moles and gophers using humane trapping techniques. While other methods may fall short, we're committed to ensuring minimal environmental impact. Learn more about our locally owned & operated business below.

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Gophers and moles are prevalent in the Pacific Northwest where the mild climate and fertile soil provide optimal conditions for their proliferation. Both have distinct characteristics that help differentiate them.

Gophers are known for their distinctive crescent-shaped mounds of fresh soil, often seen on the surface of lawns and gardens. They create extensive underground tunnel systems and are notorious for damaging vegetation.

Moles, also frequent visitors to Willamette Valley properties, produce more rounded mounds and tend to burrow closer to the surface, leaving raised ridges in their wake. While both pests can wreak havoc on landscapes, understanding these key differences can aid in accurate identification and effective pest control strategies.

Gopher Patrol is more than equipped to tackle even the worst infestations in the Portland Metro area. Give us a call now to take back control of your yard: (503)-487-6895
Absolutely. Gopher Patrol is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Oregon, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our commitment to professionalism and excellence is reflected in our high ratings and recommendations from local landscapers and pest control companies. Click Here to see our reviews and read what customers have to say about our work.

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Licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Oregon - Licensed gopher and mole pest control service
Identifying a gopher or mole infestation often begins with the observation of mounds of fresh soil as this is the most obvious sign of a infestation. Gophers, in particular, create crescent-shaped mounds as they excavate tunnels and push loose dirt to the surface. Conversely, mole mounds are more circular in appearance, which can sometimes be mistaken for gopher mounds. Additionally, while gophers create visible mounds, moles typically burrow just beneath the surface, leaving a raised ridge as they navigate through your property.

Some common signs of mole & gopher activity:

  • Tunneling: Look for visible tunnels or ridges in your yard, especially in areas with soft, moist soil.
  • Damage to Plant Roots: Mole and gopher activity can lead to damage to the roots of plants, shrubs, and trees, causing wilting or stunted growth.
  • Visible Surface Runways: Moles may create shallow surface runways as they move between feeding areas, which can appear as raised ridges or depressions in the soil.
  • Surface Trails: Gophers may leave surface trails or paths as they move above ground to access food sources or new tunneling sites.
  • Visible Feeding Holes: Look for small, round holes in the ground where moles or gophers have accessed the soil to feed on insects, roots, or plant bulbs.

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